In the world of skin conditions, rosacea is not the most severe condition out there. However, it is very common and still a frustrating and debilitating condition to have. But the Tamjidi Skin Institute wants to help. We take every skin condition seriously from rosacea to melanoma, and every customer who wants to improve their skincare or learn more about skincare is welcome.

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a very common skin disease, with almost 3 million cases in the U.S. reported per year. It is characterized by a swelling redness in the nose, cheeks, forehead, chin, and ears, which can progress to red, pus-filled bumps and visible blood vessels. It often starts to show signs in individuals who frequently blush or have a tendency to get a flushed face. Unfortunately, it is chronic and can last from years to your whole life.

There are so many possible symptoms that could point to developing rosacea, so the four subtypes of rosacea have been created with their varying symptoms:

  • Ocular rosacea - Swollen and irritated eyes and eyelids
  • Phymatous rosacea - Thick or bumpy textured skin around the face
  • Erythematotelangiectatic rosacea - Visible blood vessels and swelling, redness
  • Papulopustular rosacea -  Acne-like breakouts and swelling, redness

Rosacea Treatment at Tamjidi

While rosacea is, unfortunately, a chronic disease with no cure discovered yet, there are treatment options. A lot of care involves preventing the triggers that flare your skin, like temperature changes, sun, spicy food, stress, sweat, etc. Certain aggressive types of skincare can also bring about symptoms. And treatment options are important, as symptoms can be controlled with proper treatment while a lack of treatment can make them get worse. Tamjidi Skin Institute in Maryland and Virginia can help you with any rosacea treatment needs. Talk to your skincare professional at Tamjidi today and learn how you can control your rosacea.