As technology and medical advances in skincare have progressed, so too has our ability to examine and monitor important features of the skin. At Tamjidi Skin Institute, we have made a strong effort to be able to provide these advances in skincare to our customers in Maryland and Virginia, and one of those advances that we are proud to offer is a dermoscopy screening.

What is a Dermatoscopy?

Other than being an effective tongue twister, a dermatoscopy is an examination procedure that skincare experts can administer. Essentially, it is the use of a powerful microscope to examine skin structures and patterns, unobstructed by any reflections from the skin’s surface. Its main purpose is to view lesions under the skin and determine if the lesions are cancerous or not, especially for possible cases of melanoma.

The process uses an aptly named tool, the dermatoscope. It is a handheld magnifier with a strong light source, a transparent plate, and occasionally a liquid medium that goes between the instrument and the skin. Newer models can take digital pictures and videos through the microscopic lens, which has been incredibly useful for dermatologists in determining if a growth or lesion is cancerous. Computer programs can even compare the digital image with stored images of both benign and cancerous lesions. It also can be used to find scabies, evaluate possible hair loss, or even locate a deep splinter.

Should I Get a Dermatoscopy?

A dermatoscopy is a very useful, but specific examination. An important factor that makes a dermatoscopy useful is that it reduces the need for invasive surgical excisions of lesions that could likely be benign. So if you have had a skin cancer screening and your dermatologist found any possible abnormalities, it might be worth getting a dermatoscopy for further diagnostic analysis. You should discuss any possible dermatoscopic examination with your Tamjidi skin specialist and see if it is the right thing for you.

Dermatoscopy at Tamjidi

The medical advances that have allowed for such a useful examination like a dermatoscopy should be there for you and your skin. Contact our Tamjidi Skin Institute locations in Maryland or Virginia and see if a dermatoscopic examination is right for you.