Dysport Injection Treatment

Botox treatment usually garners a fairly opinionated response from just about everyone. Whether their perceptions are formed from cynical viewpoints from the media and the internet or more from successful experiences, whether theirs or someone else's, the use of botulinum toxin products can feel a bit volatile and concerning. But a lot of concerns seem to come from a lack of knowledge about its incredible applications and benefits.

Dysport is a Botox alternative injection treatment that provides anti-aging effects for your skin. There are a number of types of botulinum toxin products that can provide safe and effective anti-aging effects, and while a Botox alternative might sound a little precarious, Dysport is an equally effective anti-aging botulinum treatment, approved by the FDA in 2009 for forehead lines and frown lines. Tamjidi Skin Institute in Maryland and Virginia is proud to provide Dysport injection treatment, and we want you to feel comfortable, so keep reading below to learn more about this incredible treatment, and how we can provide it for you.

What is Dysport Injection Treatment?

Dysport injection treatments use neuromodulator medicine, abobotulinumtoxinA, very similar to the chemical onabotulinumtoxinA used in our Botox Cosmetic treatments. The neuromodulator capabilities work similarly as well; a Dysport injection treatment relaxes the desired facial muscles, targeting them specifically to prevent them from contracting. These facial muscular contractions happen a lot over time and their consistent movement and shape cause lines and folds to form on the skin that starts lasting. So the Dysport treatment relaxes those muscles, limiting their contractions and the wrinkles those contractions cause, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles as well as provides time for your skin to recover its shape, leaving your skin looking youthful and natural.

There are a few differences to note between a Dysport injection treatment and a Botox treatment. The molecular makeup of the abobotulinumtoxinA in Dysport is varied, allowing for more varied potential applications. The immediate results of Dysport will appear faster, however, the results may not last as long as a Botox treatment. Dysport also diffuses more when injected, so the treatment spreads to a wider area, which might be a positive or a negative depending on your wants and needs. Talk to your Tamjidi Skin Institute skincare specialists to determine which treatment is best for you and your situation.

Dysport Injection Treatment at Tamjidi

The Dysport injection treatment is a powerful medical tool that can improve the look of your skin easily and effectively, creating the youthful look that you have been missing while not leaving a worked on effect or unnatural appearance. Whether it is Botox Cosmetic or a Dysport injection treatment, you can get back your youthful look in a quick and easy treatment process. Dysport has some incredible benefits for your skin, but make sure to talk to your skincare specialist to determine if the Dysport injection treatment is right for you. Call Tamjidi Skin Institute in Maryland and Virginia today, and start getting your skin and body to where you want them to be.