Cynosure Laser Treatments

We are in the second decade of the 21st century, and the future and all of the advancements that come with it are coming fast. While flying cars and teleportation seem a little farther down the road, incredible advancements in medical and cosmetic treatments have surged forward in the modern era. One of these incredible inventions is the Cynosure laser/light skin treatments.

This incredible invention uses lasers and high-intensity lighting to effectively perform a variety of skincare treatments and procedures. From hair removal to stretch mark and scarring reduction, these laser treatments can provide a number of revolutionary treatments to individuals all over. And Tamjidi Skin Institute in Virginia and Maryland is one of those places. It is also the place to get a variety of other high-quality skincare services. Keep reading to learn more about these impressive laser treatments and their applications from Cynosure, and how Tamjidi Skin Institute can help.

What are Cynosure Laser Treatments?

Cynosure, a Hologic Company, provides a number of different laser and light-based technologies that can be applied to a variety of different ailments and conditions. The laser technologies vary based off of what kind of application they are used for, so below are the Cynosure laser treatments offered here at Tamjidi Skin Institute:

Laser Hair Removal

The Cynosure laser hair removal treatment is extremely effective at providing long-lasting results for unwanted hair removal on the body and face. This laser technology targets and destroys the hair cells that are responsible for hair growth, without damaging or altering the surrounding skin. You end up with smooth skin exactly where you want it and need it. A series of 3-6 treatments are recommended, which can last between 5 minutes to an hour depending on the size of the removal area, and the experience is virtually painless.

Vein Treatments

Cynosure’s innovative laser technology can also treat minor spider veins and broken blood vessels. The laser treatment targets and destroys the problem blood vessels, which lets them get absorbed into the body, leaving your skin vein and blood vessel-free. The treatment can last up to 30 minutes depending on the treated area, and one treatment might be enough, although more might be required. But you can expect results almost immediately, with further improvement over the next week.

Sun Damage and Brown Spots

A Cynosure Icon laser treatment might be just what you need to get rid of those unwanted sunspots and repair sun-damaged skin. The energy delivered from the laser treatment causes the spots to slowly dissipate by instigating your body’s natural healing process. This treatment can work on any unwanted pigmentation on the face or body and is especially effective on freckles on the neck, face, chest, arms, legs, hands, and feet.


Rosacea can be a painful and frustrating condition, but you can get the help you need with a Cynosure laser treatment. The advanced technology targets the unwanted vessels within your skin that produce Rosacea with specialized pulses, revealing your beautiful and natural-looking skin underneath. The treatment itself is virtually painless, and after a few sessions, noticeable improvements will start to show.


Whether it’s a surgical scar or an embarrassing childhood story, Cynosure laser treatments can reduce the appearance of scars in just a few treatment sessions. The laser technology breaks down the scar tissue of unwanted scars, allowing them to slowly dissipate through your body’s natural healing process, providing you the smoother and aesthetic skin you have been missing. The treatment procedure is practically painless and can take anywhere from five minutes to 30 depending on the size of the treatment area.

Stretch Mark Reduction

Stretch marks can be a frustrating thing to live with, but a Cynosure laser treatment can change all that. The advanced laser technology breaks down the cell structure of unwanted stretch marks with a simple application, without any surgery or painful medical procedure. You might experience some redness or swelling immediately after, but the results will be incredible after only a few treatments.

Cynosure Laser Treatments at Tamjidi

The laser treatment technologies from Cynosure can provide a wide variety of highly-effective skincare treatments with their advanced laser technology. Whether it's reducing scars and stretch marks or removing hair and spider veins, Tamjidi Skin Institute has the Cynosure laser treatment options that can help you.

In addition to the Cynosure laser treatments, Tamjidi Skin Institute in Maryland and Virginia also provides a number of other high-quality skin treatments for a variety of conditions and ailments. Our professional skin-care specialists are dedicated to providing the quality skin care that you want. Whether you are just a little self-conscious of your appearance or you want to change your whole look, Tamjidi Skin Institute is here to help. Call now and schedule an appointment with your most trusted skin care specialists today!