Do You Suffer From Rosacea?

If you find that your facial skin has a more red hue, or that capillaries on the cheeks or forehead have become more prominent, then you could be suffering from rosacea. Symptoms can also include flushing and stinging or burning sensations. Rosacea mainly affects the face and can occur at any age. Although doctors have been unable to identify the causes of this unpleasant condition, or find a permanent cure, there are a number of rosacea treatments that can be effective.

Professional Rosacea Treatment in Virginia and Maryland

Our fully qualified therapists will provide a selection of treatment options which can significantly reduce the unsightly blemishes caused by rosacea. Therapies such as IPL (Intermittent Pulsed Light) have been scientifically proven to reduce the skin redness which is a symptom of rosacea. A course of treatment at any of our practices in Fairfax County, VA or Chevy Chase, MD can give rapid, long term relief.

On-Going Treatment and Advice at Our Locally Based Clinic

In addition to IPL, there are a number of other treatments that may be of use for rosacea. During your initial consultation, you will be given a full assessment to determine what options might best suit your needs. Our rosacea treatment is always individually tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring you receive a personalized, friendly and professional service which gives you the results you want.

A Clinic in Your Area

We operate in three convenient locations, so you can nearly always find a clinic near you. If you’re based in or around Fairfax County, VA, or Chevy Chase, MD, then you’re ideally placed to take advantage of our services. Whether you’ve suffered from rosacea for a while, or have just experienced an episode, we can help minimize the negative effects of this condition. Call us at (301) 652-4828 to find out more.