Tamjidi Skin Institute is one of the premier providers of skin care solutions in Fairfax County, VA, Chevy Chase, MD, and the nearby areas. We provide a wide range of different skin treatments including Thermage. Thermage is a radiofrequency skin treatment that increases the collagen in loose or sagging skin. This results in a smoother, sleeker, and more youthful appearance. In addition, it works in only one treatment with no downtime needed and the change looks completely natural.

How does it work?

Thermage works by directing radiofrequency energy below the surface of the skin. This sends heat deep down into the dermis for skin that has an improved appearance. Thermage can be used to treat adult patients of all ages and can be used in many different areas of the body, face, and eyes. With the revolutionary new Thermage® Comfort Pulse Technology™comfort and results are at a whole new level. Individuals who are looking for tighter skin with a more youthful look and feel will enjoy the results that are possible with Thermage.

Dr. Pantea Tamjidi will provide you with an in depth consultation to determine the best treatment for a healthier and more tightened appearance. The Thermage procedure can be completed in just one office visit with no downtime required.

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Tamjidi Skin Institute offers a wide range of skin care treatments tailored to your unique needs. Contact Tamjidi Institute to schedule a consultation by calling us at (301) 652-4828. We look forward to providing the quality skin care you deserve.