Add Fullness To Your Eyelashes With Latisse

As women age and hormone levels fluctuate changes can and do occur in several different parts of the body. Many women experience a thinning of the eyelashes, which can change the way they look and how they feel about their eyes. Latisse is a relatively new prescription medication used to regrow thicker, fuller and longer eyelashes.

Your Consultation in Fairfax County, VA or Chevy Chase, MD

As Latisse is a prescription medication it is important to work only with a qualified cosmetic dermatologist to determine if this is the right product for your needs. Generally it is considered safe for most patients, but may not be appropriate for individuals with glaucoma or other eye problems.

During your consultation our doctors will carefully review how to use Latisse. It is applied only to the upper lashes and only at the very base of the lashes. It should never be applied to the lower lid however, through blinking, the lower lashes will have contact with the medication to promote growth.

Side Effects

There are very few side effects noticed with Latisse. A small number of our patients in Chevy Chase, MD and Fairfax County, VA experience redness or itching of the eyes which will stop when Latisse is discontinued.

Keep mind Latisse must be used continually to maintain the thicker, fuller eyelashes. Some people may also have a slight darkening of the skin on the upper lid, but this too will fade if or when the product is no longer applied to the eyelashes.

To learn more about Latisse and if it is right for you call us in Fairfax County, VA or Chevy Chase, MD to schedule a consultation.