Thank you so much for your care over the past six months. I have never felt more beautiful and confident in my life. I also never thought that my skin could ever get this clear. After numerous doctors, products, and treatments, you’re the only one who could fix it! Thank you for caring and being such a great physician. I hope to follow in your footsteps and pursue dermatology myself someday.

Nina Sabzeuari


I want to thank you (again and again!) for the miracle your brought to my face this June. I left for vacation shortly afterward and the changes to my appearance made me feel more confident with the people I met. When I returned from my trip, I downloaded all my photos to my computer. It was the first time in years I didn’t delete half the photos of myself. I’m celebrating my 64th birthday this week. Ugh! But thanks to Juvederm and Botox in your magical hands, when I look in the mirror, I’m seeing someone five years younger. So thanks for making this a happier birthday!

Sharon Neuwirth


Thank you for helping me hold on to my “inner diva”. I am happy with the immediate result of my treatment and can’t wait to see the final result in six months.